About Glass Knobs
  • How is the glass fitted to the brass?
    Each piece is swaged on where the metal work is rolled over the glass, not just glued in place.
  • Is your brass lacquered?
    No our brass in not lacquered, it will patina.
  • My doors have got levers can I used knobs?
    If your doors have been pre-drilled for levers we would not advise you to fit door knobs as your knuckles will catch when turning the door knob.
  • Can you make larger or smaller knobs?
    Yes we can make any size knob, the largest size door knobs we can make are around 2 ½” because of the brass fittings we use. Anything bigger would be disproportionate to the size of the rose. We have made smaller for doors down to 2”. For cabinet knobs 1 ¼” is the smallest, although not all designs can be made this small. We can make cabinet knobs up to 2¼”. Being makers we can make to exact sizes please Contact Us to discuss our free design service.
  • What is the diameter of the cabinet knob fittings?
    The smaller cabinet knobs come on a 1” brass fitting, medium to large size knobs approx. 1 ½” plus come on a 1¼” brass fitting.
  • How do the cabinet knobs mount to draws?
    They are fitted on a 3/16” (5mm) threaded bar with nut and washer. The bar can be cut to size, we provide long length bars as thickness often varies between furniture.
  • Can we use cabinet knobs for door knobs?
    Yes you can use them how you like, cabinet knobs will not have the turning mechanism or the rose, but lots of people use them as a push/pull knob.
  • Can we use them outside?
    The primary use of our knobs is for interior use, however, customers have used them on external doors, if using them outside please ask us and we will provide guidance.
  • Are they easy to fit?
    Yes if you are a keen DIY person, otherwise we would recommend a tradesman to fit, remember if drilling door holes, leave enough room so that knuckles do not catch.
  • Will I need a lock/ latch
    Yes our door knobs come with a spindle which is used in conjunction with either your lock or latch. We also sell Locks. A huge amount of R&D has gone into making free turning door knobs, they turn with ease and are not heavy or sprung. However, they will only work as good as your locks/latches. More than happy to give advice.
  • Are your door knobs compatible with US locksets?
    Yes our door knobs are compatible with US locksets and latches, we can provide spindles to suit your system / lockset please Contact Us for further information.
  • Large pre bored doors – please check the sizing of the hole, our backplates are 2” in diameter and will need to be screwed onto the door, if the hole is larger than this you may well need the assistance of a carpenter to fit.
  • Locks
    We have a small selection of quality UK locks available on our website. If you are looking full mortise entry locks, privacy locks, passage latches and tubular latches, we work with Imperial Locks and can supply any of these products. Please Contact Us for further information.
  • Can the door knobs be used as a dummy?
    Yes there are concealed screw holes at the back of the rose so they can be fitted on the screw holes.
  • What are rim locks?
    Most doors require mortise knobs where the latch or locks sits within the door, however some period homes have rim locks, where a visible lock is mounted on the door, this looks like a square box with lock and can be seen in our Locks Section. These require different fittings which we will make specially for you, if your home has rim locks please notify us, all our work can be made for rim locks.
  • Can you fit and use half a door set?
    Yes you can use half a set by only drilling half way into the door and then cutting the spindle short and fitting on with the lock/latch and back plate.
  • What are the millefiori flowers?
    These are made of glass and embedded into the glass knob as part of the making process, they are not in any way glued on transfers!
  • How do you make the patterns on the artisan range?
    These are made of solid glass and made within the glass knob, the color and pattern goes throughout the whole knob they are not painted on afterwards.
  • Can we fit your glass knobs on our glass shower door?
    Yes you can, we have done many showers, please Contact Us and we will discuss size of hole and thickness of glass to make the right fittings for you. We offer a free design service to make sure your glass knobs are perfect for your home.
    About Our Customer Service
  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes we will send our work anywhere in the world
  • What is the minimum order?
    You can order just one cabinet knob or half a door knob set
  • Can we order a sample?
    Yes we recommend ordering samples, try and contact us so we know it is a sample this will help if you then choose to order
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Liskeard, Cornwall, England where we have our glassworks and showroom.
  • Not sure if our orders has gone through?
    If you order online you will get an automatic confirmation email. If you are unsure or have any problems using our online checkout please Contact Us and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Do you have a customer review section?
    Yes in our Blog and Showcase sections. As we offer a free design service we get to know our customers really well and with some customers our work spans across years. We are delighted when our customers send us images of Liam’s glass knobs in situ and write beautiful reviews. We share these on our blogs and in our showcase where we have picked a few detailed case studies for you to read. We also have customer contact through our social media sites where customers follow our journey and keep up to date with what is going on with Merlin Glass. You can follow Merlin Glass on: twitter @merlinglass facebook, Houzz, pinterest, google + LinkedIn
  • Why are your glass knobs more expensive than other ones?
    Our glass knobs are all handmade by Liam at our glassworks in Cornwall, where our processes, standards and quality are all first class. There is a great deal of imported poor quality glass knobs available, they are made down to a price rather than up to a standard, they are simply glued on and will just pop off. With our glass there will be NO scratches, chips, cracks, sharp metal edges, our work undergoes stringent quality checks. We would advise you to order samples, the quality of our work will be self evident and our lifetime guarantee will give you peace of mind.
  • Do you sell seconds?
    No sorry we do not offer seconds, we pride ourselves on the finest quality knobs we will not compromise our first class reputation, we only sell the best.
  • How “green” are your processes?
    At Merlin Glass we are very environmentally conscious. Liam has designed and built a recuperating furnace which reuses all the waste gases to warm up the combustion air making it a super efficient furnace. We reuse all the waste glass known as cullet and waste brass, we also use recycled packaging. Our work is so well made that you will only need to buy glass knobs once, our work will not end up broken and in landfill, instead they will be passed onto future generations and become tomorrow’s antiques.
  • About Our Design Service
  • Can you match color schemes?
    Yes we will do our best, we do offer a free design service where we will work with you to look at colors and finish options, we can send samples and you can send swatches or samples of your colors to get the right color / finish for your home.
  • Can you make red, yellow, grey, pink glass?
    We can make any color glass, but for one or two pieces it is not economically viable. The color of our glass is made in the batch making process, therefore these are solid colors, not painted on. Please Contact Us to discuss color options as part of our free design service. We have seen every kind of combination possible and can advise on what would be best for your interiors. We also have many more color options than displayed on our website, we are makers, please talk to us about all our wonderful color creations.
  • Can you make……? Do you do commissions?
    Being glassmakers we get asked to make all kinds of things, and yes Liam is a very talented glassmaker, however, we do have a range and it is not economically viable for us to make one offs or deviate from what we specialize in glass knobs.
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